Featured poem

Family Inheritance Waxing & Waning, forthcoming

Draw Out the Child Harpie Hybrid Review, forthcoming

When the Stars Sleep, of Day Martin Lake Journal, Volume 3. Current Ed.  

Unlocking the Vault at the Bakken. Southwest Journal, January 12th, 2020.HERE

Disturbing Reflections from the (Developed) World, Bring Back the Prairie Award, 2nd. League of MN Poets.

October 2019.

Country Dilemma,

Moccasin Anthology, October 2019. League of MN Poets.

Easy Ways to Encourage STEM Activities and Opportunities at Home with Your Young Girls. Girl Talk HQ. October 2018. HERE

Writing for a New Generation--How Inclusive Writing Benefits Everyone. Women Writers, Women's Books. September 2018.


Spring Elegy and Poetry is a Journey

WINK Magazine, 7th Ed. April, 2019. Digital or print HERE.

The Pain of Hunger Does Subside,

WINK Magazine, 8th Ed. June, 2019. Digital or print HERE 

Wild in the Right Amount,

WINK Magazine, 9th Ed. July, 2019. Digital or print

Write to the River. Friends of the Mississippi River.

Winter’s River, Coyote Road. Winter 2018/19: HERE

Forsythia, My Siren. WINK Magazine, 6th Ed. Digital or print HERE

Write to the River. Friends of the Mississippi River.

River Haiku, Cliche' Attack: Love is Like a River, Wild: In the Right Amount, Your Fire. Fall 2018: HERE

The Mulching Series WINK Magazine, 3rd Ed. Digital or print HERE

Roll on Winona, The Fence and other works Err 26 Zine, Nov. Err Artist Collective

The Weight of Words, This Morning a Hundred Years Ago WINK Magazine, 1st Ed. Digital or print HERE

The Keepers of Water WINK Magazine, 1st Ed. Digital or print HERE

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