Tent City North Dakota Quarterly. Fall.

"Flower Bomb"  FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art 
Issue 10. 

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony

The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hallow

"In Conversation with The Colonialist" 
After the Art. Dec.

Copper Canyon Press Fall Internship.


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Rockvale Writers’ Colony Writing Residency


 Possibility Creatopia Summer


Wading Journal of Compressed Creative Arts July 2nd.


Untitled I (a video poem) Harpy Hybrid Review, June 2021


Overnight Aubade Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. Spring 2021 edition.


Legacy of Nipples Moon Tide Press Anthology; S%&# Men Say to Me


Unfurl Creatopia Collections Magazine, Spring edition.


Flowchart of Binary Fallacies Indolent Books online, A River Sings


Family Inheritance Waxing & Waning Journal, Issue 7


Dear Love, Harpy Hybrid ReviewIssue 3


Draw Out the Child Harpy Hybrid Review, Issue 2.5


Writing Circles for Healing Award: Awards of Merit 3rd My Garden. Steinography Award: Honorable Mention 3rd for Ice Fishy. Lost in Translation Award: Honorable Mention, 3rd, for Wareware. League of MN Poets. October 2020


When the Stars Sleep, of Day Martin Lake Journal, Volume 3. Current Ed.  


Disturbing Reflections from the (Developed) World, Bring Back the Prairie Award, 2nd. League of MN Poets. October 2019.


Country DilemmaMoccasin Anthology, October 2019. League of MN Poets.


Spring Elegy and Poetry is a Journey WINK Magazine, 7th Ed. April, 2019. Digital or print HERE.


The Pain of Hunger Does SubsideWINK Magazine, 8th Ed. June, 2019. Digital or print HERE 


Wild in the Right AmountWINK Magazine, 9th Ed. July, 2019. Digital or print


Write to the River. Friends of the Mississippi River. Winter’s River, Coyote Road. Winter 2018/19: HERE


Forsythia, My Siren. WINK Magazine, 6th Ed. Digital or print HERE


Write to the River. Friends of the Mississippi River. River Haiku, Cliche' Attack: Love is Like a River, Wild: In the Right Amount, Your Fire. Fall 2018: HERE


The Mulching Series WINK Magazine, 3rd Ed. Digital or print HERE


Roll on Winona, The Fence and other works Err 26 Zine, Nov. Err Artist Collective

The Weight of Words, This Morning a Hundred Years Ago WINK Magazine, 1st Ed. Digital or print HERE