Randomly Asked Questions

We love rivers. Lakes. Streams. We love water. We want to keep them clean. 
What is Clean Shores?
A group of people organizing to spend a morning cleaning up shorelines. We are not a business, we are not a non-profit. This is a community group with a shared interest in clean water and natural spaces.
How long is a cleanup:
Usually 1-2 hours of light work.
Where do they take place?
The focus is rivers and streams but we will clean up any water body in need. Cleanups can be a boat launch or a designated length of river shoreline.
How do I sign up?
Events will be posted on this website. Just show up, no sign-up necessary.
How do I stay safe?
We will not clean areas that are flooded or difficult to get to. We will not clean in the water or within five feet of the water. The purpose of these cleanups is to make a statement and to help the whole area by cleaning what we can, but we most likely will not be able to get everything. Please wear long pants, long sleeves, sturdy canvas or leather gloves, bug spray, sun screen and a hat. Water will be available but not cups. Please bring a water bottle. Do not pick up broken glass with your hands, we will have a broom and dustpan. 
What is done with the garbage?
There are many national programs that will now help cleanups recycle the waste. Other waste will need to be disposed of. We will be using nearby waste cans on small projects. Other times we will organize a driver to bring odd items to the Environmental Center. The good news is that there is always something to do with the waste. 
Who can attend:
We partner with cities, non-profits and special groups to clean our local shores, feel good after a morning's light work, stroll through a park and even inspire others, these events always do! Everyone is welcome. 
What if I see an area in need?
Please use the contact form to alert us to a shoreline that is in need of some love. We will consider all proposals.
Can I use this as volunteer hours?
Yes! All cleanups will be registered with a national clean water non-profit like American Rivers or Living Lands and Waters. This way we can track how much waste we gathered and add our hours and pounds to the efforts across the country working toward clean water. 
How do I know if there is a cancellation?
In general, if there is adverse weather we will not meet. Light rain--yes. We will post the day before and day of the event on this website if the event is a go.
Negative Earth Speak:
We do not and will not partake in any Negative Earth Speak at our events. This includes: negative political debates, shaming, fatalism, blaming, let-downs, put-downs, judgments or the like. These events are meant to share ideas and to be personal motivators.